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14 Days 13 Nights

Easy Rider Phong Nha to Ho Chi Minh City

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to untouched regions in Vietnam where you are able to marvel at the beauty of mountains, waterfalls and lakes and where you take a deep impression into the Vietnam's history, the rural life of the locals and their cultures? Then come and ride with us on this Easy Rider Tour from Phong Nha to Saigon! We start in this small town locating on Ho Chi Minh Trail. Riding South, we wind our way along the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail, along the border between Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia.

Through the beautiful Central Highlands we make our way to Dalat - a truly magnificent mountain town in the South of Vietnam - before we ride along the scenic coastal roads to get to Saigon. And make sure you don't forget to bring enough memory cards for your camera, because it's just unique and beautiful what mother nature has to offer for us on this trip.


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9 Days 8 Nights

Phong Nha to Dalat via Ho Chi Minh Trail

Come, ride and explore the hidden Vietnam in a way that only few other travelers can. Whether you are looking for historic sites, magnificent landscape experiences, encounters with local people's rich cultures in isolated regions or simply just want to ride awesome motorbike roads in a breath-taking scenery - this Easy Rider Tour has it all

We start in Phong Nha before heading south west towards to Laos border. You will ride through the dense jungle along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, with its stunning landscape, to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An. Over the next few days, we will continue to follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail, meandering through the Central Highlands and onto Lang Bian Plateau before reaching to our end destination, Dalat. What an unforgettable experience! 


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3 days 2 nights

Phong Nha Easy Rider Tour to Hoi An via Ho Chi Minh Trail

Exceptional landscapes, stunning nature, rich history and culture as well as great motorbike routes. It a perfect combination of everything you expect when you travel with Easy Riders Vietnam. We ride off the beaten track, winding into the remote Truong Son Mountain Ranges and along Ho Chi Minh Trail, discovering the diversity of the locals' cultures as well as learning about Vietnam's history. This is an epic moto adventure!


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