Easy Riders

This is a real adventure for someone on the wrong side of 45 and who hates motorbikes! We left our three day trip adventure (with eyes closed for the first 30 minutes) with trepidation. This is our third trip to Vietnam but our first with Easy Riders.

Wow! The best thing we have ever done here. Day 2 was a challenge for my backside but Tuan was a "Silk Rider" so day 3 was much better. Three best days I have ever experienced. A wonderfully careful riders who enabled us to relax and enjoy a truely outstanding experience. Tuan and Tuy are extremely kind natured guides and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.


We thank Tuan and Tuy for their care and wish them ever success, health and happiness for the future. Thanks for a wonderful trip.


Mark and Beth Gill
Sydney, Australia


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